Demeter products are produced and processed in an holistic manner, in harmony with nature. This means that conditions are right for people, animals, plants and soils alike and their life forces can unfold in an ideal way. Moreover, demeter holdings rely on homoeopathic medication for the treatment of sick animals and in cropping they use their own special preparations. In processing, much emphasis is placed on ensuring that the products retain as many of their natural qualities as possible. /absatz/ Holistic principles are also applied in processing. Products carrying the Demeter label in accordance with the Demeter agreement fulfil consumers’ highest demands for quality. The Demeter label is recognized worldwide.

Benefit to customer

Demeter is the quality label for biodynamically produced food. It is the oldest organic label and has the strictest standards. Demeter certification gives you the opportunity to label your products with the Demeter trade mark. There is great demand for these products in the organic specialised trade. Every biodynamic farmer is also a researcher and a creative. What these farmers learn in courses, they apply to their farms in their own unique way while developing new and improved methods that are consistent with the individual conditions of their farm environment. The Demeter inspection can be combined with other services, thus saving you time and money.


Demeter agreement including the processing guidelines of the Swiss Demeter Association, Demeter production standards



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